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national flagJapan / Asia
Address 〒753-8511 山口市吉田1677-1
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President 岡 正朗/ Masaaki Oka
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Dual degree Agreement N
Brief DescriptionYamaguchi University traces its origins back to Yamaguchi Kodo, a private school, founded by Ueda Hoyo, a feudal clansman of Choshu Province in the late Edo Period (1815). It was established for the purpose of developing academics in Yamaguchi. Since then, and through various educational reforms, this academic institution has held its place as the core for higher education in Yamaguchi, contributed to the cultivation of human resources in the region, and produced many graduates who are active internationally.

In 1949 it was reorganized to become a national university consisting of five faculties. Afterwards, in 1964 Yamaguchi Prefectural Medical College was merged into the university to form the School of Medicine. In 1978 the Faculty of Literature and Science was split into the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science. 2012 saw the establishment of the Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Throughout the years the university has expanded into a comprehensive university which boasts nine faculties and eight graduate schools. Most recently, the university launched the Faculty of Global and Science Studies in April 2015.

The year 2015 marked the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Yamaguchi Kodo. As we continue into the future, we at Yamaguchi University will strive to carry on the legacy of our predecessors for another 200 years and take the university to even greater heights.


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